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It is soon April and we have again prepared an interesting and intriguing topic for DiaMind 2022 for you.

As you may remember, DiaMind 2021 was a success with more than 100 participants from 24 countries around the globe - in spite of the fact, that it was organized online for the 1st time - or just because of that!

Past 2 years have brought a lot of unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 pandemics - for everyone, but also for people with diabetes (PWD) and health care professionals (HCP) that work with PWDs. We learn about the ever changing situation, as we speak./

A lot of challenges have been addressed already at DiaMind 2021, but we have gathered new knowledge since last year and we wish to share it with you.

Moreover, YOU have co-created this new knowledge by filling in the HCP questionnaire during last DiaMind and Prof. Julie Wagner will share the recently published results with you!/

In our data analysis as well as in literature on COVID-19 and PWD, one very important topic and obviously a very pertinent challenge has emerged - Food & Eating behavior.

We have therefore chosen this particular topic and we will look closely into it: from many different angles, focusing on psychological/ethical aspects of eating in PWD with type 2 diabetes, large spectrum of eating disorders and how to deal with it as HCP

And here is the topic:

Psychological and Ethical Considerations, Part 1

We have precious colleagues that will be with us and will be fully engaged in a debate with you, dear DiaMind friends and we kindly ask YOU to be engaged co-creators of this meeting:

Julie Wagner is the professor of Health psychology on University of Connecticut Schools of Dental Medicine and Medicine

Karin Sernec is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Assistant professor, specialized in Eating Disorders, and Head of the Department of Eating Disorders at University Psychiatry Clinic, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sally Openshaw is sexual and relationship psychotherapist working in private practice in Devon, UK and involved in training at Towerhouse Counselling and International Integrative Psychotherapy Association

Karin Kanc is the co-organizer of DiaMind, diabetologist in her own diabetes practice jazindiabetes; integrative psychotherapist (IIPA)

Who is this meeting for?
Educators, medical doctors (GPs, diabetologists, pediatricians and others), psychologists, psychotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists and other health care professionals that work with people with diabetes.

Where and when?
Online - April 20 and April 21, from 16:00 CEST to 17:30 CEST, both days.

Registration fee?
None - FREE of CHARGE!

How to apply?
Please fill in the registration form.

For information please contact us at info@diamind.si.