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It is soon April and we have again prepared an interesting and intriguing topic for DiaMind 2023 for you. The symposium will be organized for the 12th time on April 19 and 20, 2023 - for the 3rd time on-line.

DiaMind 2023 with the participants and topics will be AGAIN pioneer in the field. According to the tradition from 2012, when we identified the need for HCPs to become engaged in exploring psychological needs of people with diabetes, we continue to meet every year and open new topics, dilemmas, ethical considerations. For 10 years in a row up till now DiaMind was conceived as a hands-on symposium, comprised primarily of workshops where participants engage in practical aspects of the psychology of diabetes. Empowerment of people with diabetes but also the empowerment of HCPs is a leading approach discussed and trained at the meetings. We always attracted internationally renowned expert trainers from the field to cover different topics and aspects of psychology and diabetes. There is also a tradition of live role-play sessions, where participants observe trainers at work!

Naziv letošnjega DiaMind-a je:

Psychological and Ethical Considerations

We have precious colleagues that will be with us and will be fully engaged in a debate with you, dear DiaMind friends and we kindly ask YOU to be engaged co-creators of this meeting:

Dr. Ann Goebel-Fabbri is a psychologist and researcher and has been Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, USA. She is specialized in disordered eating in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Kristina Groti Antonić, MD, PhD, is a specialist of internal medicine at the University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, where she works as researcher and clinician at the Endocrinology Department.

Karin Kanc, MD, PhD is the co-organizer of DiaMind, diabetologist in her own diabetes practice jazindiabetes and integrative psychotherapist (IIPA).

Karin Kanc is the co-organizer of DiaMind, diabetologist in her own diabetes practice jazindiabetes; integrative psychotherapist (IIPA)

Komu je srečanje namenjeno?
Medicinskim sestram, edukatorjem, zdravnikom (družinskim, diabetologom, pediatrom in drugim), psihologom, psihoterapevtom, dietetikom, farmacevtom in drugim strokovnjakom, ki delajo z ljudmi s sladkorno boleznijo.

Kje in kdaj?
Na spletu, 19. in 20. aprila 2022, vsakokrat od 16:00 do 17:30.

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Kotizacije ni - BREZPLAČNO!

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